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Peace Mission

Peace Mission
Scene from "Peace Mission" (photo © PONG)

In Nigeria, a whole new film industry developed during the early 90s. Since then, the so-called "home movie industry" not only became the second largest employer in Nigeria, but rose to immense popularity throughout Africa. Some 1,400 films are produced each year, which makes "Nollywood" the biggest film industry in the world according to mere statistics.

Peace Mission is a guided tour through Nollywood featuring Peace Anyiam Fiberesima. The founder of the African Movie Academy takes the audience to film locations, markets and celebrity hang-outs in the vibrant production hub Lagos and meets key personalities of the Nigerian film business along the way: stars, directors, producers, marketers. Versatile and full of energy, they all share the vision of making Nollywood the long sought after platform of re-telling Africa's history from an African point of view. Nollywood is a discovery to be made for Western audiences, who got stuck in a perception of Africa as a continent of dependency. Since this fact is also a result of Western media perception of Africa, Peace Mission presents fresh media images, eager to start a new chapter of relationship with each other.

Dorothee Wenner was born in 1961 and has lived and worked in Berlin since 1988 as a freelance filmmaker, writer and curator. She has been on the selection committee of the International Forum of New Cinema since 1990 and serves as the Berlinale’s special representative for India and sub-Saharan Africa. From July 2004 to December 2005 she curated the EU-funded project “Import Export: Cultural Transfer between India and Germany, Austria.” She became the director of the Berlinale Talent Campus in August 2006. Her documentary films include Hollywood Killed Me (1988), Germany-Outside In (Unser Ausland, 2002), Star Biz (2005), and Peace Mission (2008).
Genre Culture
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2008
Director Dorothee Wenner
Screenplay Dorothee Wenner
Cinematography Bernd Meiners
Producers Merle Kroeger, Philip Scheffner
Production Company PONG/Berlin, in cooperation with ARTE for ZDF/Mainz
Length 80 min
Format color
Original Version
Subtitled Version German/English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Toronto 2008 (Real to Reel), Sao Paulo 2008, Hong Kong 2009, BAFICI Buenos Aires 2009

World Sales
Merle Kroeger
Skalitzer Strasse 62
10997 Berlin/Germany
phone +49-30-61 07 60 98