Film Info: Deckname: "Dennis"

Codename: "Dennis" (Deckname: "Dennis")

Codename: "Dennis"

The job description for a secret agent has changed. Gone are the days when you had to abseil down a skyscraper, crawl through sewers or blow way Russian agents to obtain important information. The age of massmedia no longer knows any secrets. All information is public. It is a question of collating and categorizing it. The agent of today is a journalist. He must be able to keep his ears and eyes open. Researchers and fanatics, displaced people and madmen, do-it-yourselfers and authorities, right- and left-wingers - they say everything when the camera starts filming. You just have to ask cheeky enough questions. And no-one is as naive with their questions as Dennis. He is the best man for this delicate job. His boss has sent him disguised as a TV journalist of the American channel DDC on an absurd journey to a remarkable country. To a country where the last war was just 50 years ago. To Germany. A job that brings him to the verge of despair. A realistic satire about the the deformed German self-confidence - grotesque and vicious.

Thomas Frickel was born in 1954 and studied German Literature, Journalism and Sociology. He has been an author and director of short films, TV programs and feature-length documentaries since 1974 and became the chairman and general manager of the association of independent documentary filmmakers, arbeitsgemeinschaft dokumentarfilm (ag dok), in 1987. He was also a founding member and on the board of European Documentary Network (EDN). His films include: No Runway West (Keine Startbahn West, 1982), Battlefield Tour (Schlachtenbummel, 1989), The Troublemaker (Der Stoerenfried, 1992), Heal Hitler (Heilt Hitler, 1996) and Codename: Dennis (Deckname: Dennis, 1997) and Goethe Light (2002).
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1997
Director Thomas Frickel
Screenplay Thomas Frickel, Matthias Beltz
Cinematography Thomas Frickel, Dieter Matzka, Pavel Schnabel
Thomas Frickel
Dietmar Staskowiak
Cast Dennis R.D. Mascarenas, Christian Doermer
Producer Thomas Frickel
Production Company HE-Film, Ruesselsheim
Length 97 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals Berlin 1997 (Forum), Munich 1997 (Documentary Festival)
With backing from BMI

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