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Contact kLAPPbOXfILME On the occasion of the TOTEM premiere at Venice in 2011, in conversation with Ed Meza, correspondent for Variety, Jessica Krummacher commented critically on the situation for new- generation filmmakers, contradicting the image of the widely- spread German film support system with rare openness. She and Timo Müller had applied for support for TOTEM and MORSCHOLZ, but did not receive any. And so the two films were made without support budgets because, as the director empha- sizes, the promotion of new-generation films is linked to tele- vision broadcasters and therefore restrictive, too interested in well-trodden paths to ensure viewing quotas. The young filmmaker, who describes herself as a fool for figures, is well aware of the reverse side to the no-budget con- cept: in the long term and “from a political standpoint” she thinks it is unacceptable to finance the achievements of her team through self-exploitative deferred fees. “New-generation support needs to be more open and courageous”: she is convinced of that. She registers with skepticism the mass of new-generation projects tending towards the mainstream be- cause they are adapted and dressed down in the preparation phase. She also observes the situation of radical cultural change with concern, fearing that the audience for difficult cinema films may fall away completely. Her greatest dream is one of new production possibilities, new freedom for the cinema, a revolutionized world of television. In the meantime she is preparing her next feature film project, MORDOGAN, a story about a German who owns a holiday home in Turkey, and his friend, a re-migrant from Germany back to Turkey – at least this time it is with support for the screenplay from Bavaria. More important than this, she has received the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award for MORDOGAN, which corresponds to €30,000 for the development of a co-pro- duction with Turkey. In addition, she is working on the development and production of the documentary film DER ROTE BERG by Timo Müller. This project is about a hermit who has been living in a cliff-face above a major state highway for twenty years now. The 62-year- old man is convinced that he has found a city dating back 4,000 years. Against all opposition, he is excavating the remains of this city. Jessica Krummacher is determined that one day she will be able to make a living from her unusual, stimulating films. Claudia Lenssen  JESSICA KRUMMACHER grew up in Bochum. She studied Politics and Media Art in Bochum and Karlsruhe, as well as Documentary Film and TV-Journalism at the University of Tele- vision & Film (HFF) in Munich. She has been making short films since 2000, when she also began working in various other areas of film, primarily as a producer. DIE KINDER VON AHAUS (2005), her documentary film portrait of two farming families in the shadow of a German atomic waste storage facility, was support- ed by Greenpeace and shown at national festivals. In their joint production company kLAPPbOXfILME, Jessica Krummacher produced the feature film debut of her partner Timo Müller, MORSCHOLZ, a surreal snapshot of a post-proletarian, pro- vincial family, which was awarded the New-Generation Award for Best Direction at the Munich Film Festival in 2008. TOTEM, Jessica Krummacher’s feature film debut – for which she also acted as author, editor and co-producer – was made as her graduation film at the HFF Munich. TOTEM, the subtle portrait of a young, suicidal home-help caught in the clutches of a com- pulsive family, was premiered as the only German contribution to the Venice Film Festival 2011, in the 26th Settimana della critica. The film ran with considerable success and earned numerous positive press reviews at the Viennale in Vienna, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the FIC Gijon in Spain, the BAFICI in Buenos Aires, and German film festivals in Saar- brücken (Max Ophüls Prize), Schwerin and Ludwigshafen. Distributed by Filmgalerie 451, TOTEM was launched in German cinemas in 2012. GFQ 1-2013 5 DIRECTOR PORTRAITMORDOGAN(photo©JessicaKrummacher) S.04-05_Krummacher_Layout 1 25.01.13 09:32 Seite 2