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GFQ 1_2013

SIENIAWKA SIENIAWKA is a journey into humanity’s irrational sub- conscious. Stefan tries to make his way through a post-industrial no man’s land. An encounter with a stranger leads to the line between reality and imagination becoming blurred. The future and the past become intertwined. Visions emerge from Stefan’s mind of another time. The cold-blooded surgeon used to work in the dissecting room. There was a cinema where everyone would go to on the week- end. A state of complete delirium caused a young man’s heart to stop beating. By passing through memory and the imaginary, Stefan wit- nesses death, mental illness and the margins of humanity in a world that resembles our own. At the end, all that remains are ruins – everything begins to dis- solve. The outside world no longer resembles the one that he was forced to leave. Internal chaos is mirrored by external chaos. World Sales Mengamuk Films photo©DFFB/MengamukFilms GFQ 1-2013 38 NEW GERMAN FILMS Genre Drama Category Docu-Fiction Year of Production 2013 Director Marcin Malaszczak Screenplay Marcin Malaszczak Director of Photography Marcin Malaszczak Cast Stefan Szyszka, Stanislaw Cheminski, Boguslawa Kasprzak, Wiktor Szatkowski, Jerzy Szlosar, Francisek Zajdel, Zbigniew Skrabek, Jerzy Iwanczewski, Kazimierz Duchaczek, Tomasz Czlonka Pro- ducers Andreas Louis, Marcin Malaszczak, Michel Balagué, Georg Tiller Production Company Deutsche Film- und Fernseh- akademie Berlin (DFFB), in co-production with Mengamuk Films/Berlin-Vienna Length 124 min Format DCP, color, 1:1.85 Original Version Polish Subtitled Versions English, German Festivals Berlin 2013 (Forum)  MARCIN MALASZCZAK was born in Poland and emigrated as a child with his parents to West Berlin. A student at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB), his films include: THE SWIMMER (short, 2010) and SIENIAWKA (2013). S.38_SIENIAWKA.qxp_Layout 1 21.01.13 08:38 Seite 1