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GFQ 1_2013

KOPF BER UPSIDEdown More than anything, 10-year-old Sascha likes to go on bike rides with the neighbor girl Elli and collect sounds. He also has a passion for fixing up his bike in his improvised workshop. What he doesn’t like is the new special school he has been sent to in order to learn how to read and write. One day Sascha is caught stealing and his mother decides to seek help at the youth wel- fare office. The social worker Frank is assigned to help the boy for one year, at school and in his daily life. Although Sascha first rejects Frank, sometimes it can be practical to have a personal “bodyguard” at your side. Frank convinces Sascha and his mother to have a few medical tests done. The diagnosis: ADD, an attention deficiency disorder. Sascha is prescribed pills to help him concentrate. While his school performance improves and he gets into less trouble with grown-ups, his character also changes and his friendship to Elli starts to fall apart. Genre Children & Youth, Coming-of-Age Story, Family Enter- tainment Category Feature Year of Production 2012 Director Bernd Sahling Screenplay Bernd Sahling, Anja Tuckermann Director of Photography Anne Misselwitz Cast Marcel Hoffmann, Frieda-Anna Lehman, Inka Friedrich, Claudius von Stolzmann Producer Jörg Rothe Co-Producers Antonio Exacoustos, Franz Kraus, David P. Steel Production Company Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion/Leipzig, in co-production with ARRI Film & TV Services/Munich, Steelecht/Offenbach am Main Length 90 min Format 35 mm, color, 1:1.85 Original Version German Subtitled Version English Festivals Berlin 2013 With backing from Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Mittel- deutsche Medienförderung, BKM, German Federal Film Fund, Hessische Filmförderung, Akademie für Kindermedien  BERND SAHLING was born in 1961 in Naumburg and studied at the “Konrad Wolf” University of Film & Television (HFF/B) in Potsdam-Babelsberg from 1986-1991. After his studies, he worked as a freelance writer and director before receiving a scholarship to attend Columbia College in Chicago and North- western University. Since 1999 he has been conducting seminars and workshops on children’s films. A selection of his films includes: SONG FOR ANNE (LIED FUER ANNE, short, 1985), BOOMERANG (BUMERANG, short, 1986), EVERYTHING GETS WELL (ALLES WIRD GUT, TV, 1990), THE CAT’S NEST (IM NEST DER KATZE, TV, 1991), WAITING FOR HEALTH (WARTEN AUF GESUNDHEIT, short, 1994), RAILROAD JUNCTION (IM GLEISDREIECK, 1995), HIGH SCHOOL (GYMNASIUM, TV, 1999), THE BLIND FLYERS (DIE BLINDGÄNGER, 2004), and UPSIDEdown (KOPFÜBER, 2012). World Sales ARRI Worldsales photos©NeueMediopolisFilmproduktion GFQ 1-2013 29 NEW GERMAN FILMS Ü S.29_KOPFUEBER_Layout 1 21.01.13 09:25 Seite 1