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GFQ 1_2013

GOLD Summer 1898. Canada during the Klondike Gold Rush. Emily Meyer joins a group of seven German American immigrants. To- gether they embark on the long journey to the newly discovered gold fields in Dawson. Brought together by shady businessman Wilhelm Laser’s advertisement, the members of the group put it all on the line to change their miserable lives. Recommended by Wilhelm Laser, they decide to take the Ashcroft Trail, a route through the Canadian interior. With horses and a covered wagon, they take off without an exact idea of the dangers and strains that this journey has in store for them. Hardly any of them will have known that from their point of departure in Ashcroft, the distance to Dawson was more than 2,500 km. Full of hope, the prospectors begin their journey. The first part of the journey to Quesnel is relatively untroubled. But before too long, problems begin to arise. The terrain becomes ever more difficult to negotiate. They soon literally loose track as the sup- posedly marked and fully constructed path disappears before their eyes. Their route leads them along through a hostile and untapped wilderness. One by one, their exhausted pack horses die. The strenuous journey and internal clashes begin to tear the group apart. Now Emily Meyer, who appeared to be the most fragile member of the group at the beginning of the journey, proves herself to be one of the most dogged and enduring in view of the many challenges. She does not know exactly what the future will bring. Nevertheless, of one thing she is certain: there is no way that she will return to the life she left behind. Driven by a dream and the hope which it has inspired for a bet- ter life, the decimated group works through the rough environ- ment toward their goal, a goal that seems to be further removed from them with every step they take. World Sales The Match Factory photo©SchrammFilm/PatrickOrth GFQ 1-2013 26 NEW GERMAN FILMS Genre Drama Category Feature Year of Production 2013 Director Director Thomas Arslan Screenplay Thomas Arslan Director of Photography Patrick Orth Cast Nina Hoss, Marko Mandić, Peter Kurth, Uwe Bohm, Lars Rudolph, Rosa Enskat, Wolfgang Packhäuser Producers Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber Executive Producer Henrik Meyer Production Company Schramm Film Koerner & Weber/Berlin, in co-pro- duction with BR/Munich, Degeto Film/Frankfurt, WDR/Cologne, ARTE/Strasbourg, in cooperation with Red Cedar Film Gold/ Vancouver Length 113 min Format 35 mm, DCP, color, cs Original Version German Subtitled Version English Festivals Berlin 2013 (In Competition) With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, BKM, German Federal Film Board, German Federal Film Fund, ILB  THOMAS ARSLAN was born in 1962 in Braunschweig and spent four years during his schooling in Ankara/Turkey. He studied Germanics and History in Munich and Film at the German Film & Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin. He has been working as a writer and filmmaker since 1992. His films include MACH DIE MUSIK LEISER (1994), the trilogy, GESCHWISTER (1996), DEALER (1998) and A FINE DAY (DER SCHÖNE TAG, 2000), IM SCHATTEN (2009), and GOLD (2013).