Selected International Film Festivals

Sevilla International Film Festival

Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo
Teatro Almeda
c/ Credito 13
41002 Seville
phone +34 955 47 31 99

Festival Director
Mr. José Luis Cienfuegos

Year of Foundation 2001

Event Date from 09 November 2018 till 17 November 2018

Event Date

in Seville, Spain

Sections Official Section, New Waves, News Waves Non-Fiction, Europa Junior, Edndless Revolutions, Eurimages Competition, EFA Selection and other non-competitive sections.

Terms of Entry The films screened in the country of origin after January 1st 2017. They must not have been screened in Spain before, only European films.

Subtitles English subtitles recommended Spanish subtitles recommended

Format 35 mm, DCP

Registration Deadline 08 September 2018

Attendance Figures 70,000

Participants of the Film Industry distributors, producers, film directors, actors, agents of different film institutions

Prizes/Awards Official: Golden Giraldillo to the best film, endowed with € 35.000; Special Jury Award (€25. 000); New Waves Award (€ 15.000); New Waves Non-Fiction Award (€ 10.000); Audience Award EFA Selection (€ 15.000); New Waves Special Award (€ 10.000); Endless Revolution Best Film Sward (€ 10.000); Cinephiles of the Future Award (€ 10.000); Europa Junior Award (€ 10.000); Eurimages Award (€ 5.000)

Best Script, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director of Photography

German Films


Official Section
IT MUST BE HEAVEN by Elia Suleiman (FR/DE/CA/TK, Pallas Film)
THE TRAITOR by Marco Bellocchio (IT/FR/BR/DE, Match Factory Productions)
LA GOMERA by Corneliu Porumboiu (RO/FR/DE Komplizen Film)
LITTLE JOE by Jessica Hausner (AT/GB/DE, Essential Filmproduktion)
SYNONYMES (SYNONYME) by Nadav Lapid (FR/IL/DE, Komplizen Film)
ABOUT ENDLESSNESS by Roy Andersson (SE/DE/NO, Essential Filmproduktion)

The New Waves
A VOLUNTARY YEAR (DAS FREIWILLIGE JAHR) by Ulrich Köhler & Henner Winckler (Sutor Kolonko)
SPACE DOGS by Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter (DE/AT, IT WORKS! Medien)

EFA Selection
A TALE OF THREE SISTERS by Emin Alper (TK/DE/NL/GR, Komplizen Film)
WEREWOLF by Adrian Panek (PL/DE/NL, Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion)

EFA Shorts on Tour
BLACK SUN von Arda Çiltepe (DE/TR, HFBK Hamburg)
OSLO by Shady Srour (IL/DE)

Special Screenings / Premiere
THE GOLDEN GLOVE (DER GOLDENE HANDSCHUH) by Fatih Akin (DE/FR, bombero international, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany)

Melodías Excéntricas
TOMORROW IS ALWAYS TOO LONG by Phil Collins (GB/DE, Shady Lane Productions Berlin)

Number of Films Shown 190

Media Coverage Around 200 accredited journalists with a percentage of 60% of local media and a 30% national and the remainder for international media. Most of the media that cover the Festival are press, and the same quantity for radio and television.

Evaluation The festival concentrates on European Cinema in general. It is rather small but well-organized and has very attractive prices for those distributors bringing their films to the festival or picking up awarded films here. That is why most of the leading distributors use the festivals to launch their films here rather than in Valladolid, which is a more important festival but does not offer any financial support for the Spanish distributors. Annual meeting of the European Film Academy is held at the festival.

Services The cost of transport, including customs fees, insurance of prints as well as their return freight must be covered by the producers or responsible authorities. The Festival is only responsible for the cost of storage and insurance of films while on the premises of the Sevilla Film Festival.

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