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Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevo Film Festival
Zelenih beretki 12/I
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
phone + 387 33 221 516 / 209 411 / 263 380
fax + 387 33 263 381

Mr. Mirsad Purivatr

Creative Director
Ms. Izeta Gradevic

Head of Programming
Mr. Amer Bećirbegović

Year of Foundation 1995

Event Date from 16 August 2019 till 23 August 2019

in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sections Competition Programmes (Features, Shorts, Documentaries), In Focus, Kinoscope, Tribute to, Open Air, Summer Screen, Avant Premieres, Children`s Programme, TeenArena, European Shorts, Operation Kino, Dealing with the Past, Human Rights Day, Sarajevo Film Festival Partner Presents, BH Film

Terms of Entry no prior screening in Bosnia and Herzegovina, films must have been produced 12 months prior to the festival, unsolicited submissions for New Currents and Regional Program only; all other sections by invitation; the Festival gives priority to world and international premieres

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Format 35 mm, Beta SP PAL, DVD PAL, DCP, Blu-ray, DigiBeta, HDCAM

Registration Deadline European Shorts, Children's Programme and TeenArena: May 11th 2019
Feature Film Competition, Short Film Competition, Documentary Film Competition: May 25th 2019

Fees none

Attendance Figures 100,000

Participants of the Film Industry 1.300 national and international film professionals; only CineLink, Sarajevo Film Festival’s Co-Production Market, sparked the attention of over one hundred guests from various spheres of European film industry

Prizes/Awards Official Awards
Heart of Sarajevo: Best Feature Film
(16,000 €, provided by Council of Europe)

Heart of Sarajevo: Best Actor
(2,500 €)

Special Jury Prize
(10,000 €, provided by Agnes B.)

Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actress
(2,500 €)

Heart of Sarajevo for Best Short Film
(2,500 €)

Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary Film
(3,000 €, provided by The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)

Special Jury Prize for Competition Programme Documentary Film
(2,500 €, is provided by Al Jazeera Balkans)

Honorary Heart of Sarajevo

(Every year Sarajevo Film Festival presents the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award. This award honours an individual for exceptional contribution to the affirmation and development of film and support in development of the Sarajevo Film Festival.)
Partner Awards

Sarajevo Short Film Nominee for the EFA Award
(The winner receives a nomination for the European Film Academy (EFA) Best Film Award)

Human Rights Award
(3,000 €, granted by The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)

EDN Talent Grant


Audience Award

Cineuropa Prize
(5,000 €)

Atlantic Grupa Award
(2,000 € provides by Atlantic Grupa)

British Council Award

German Films


Feature Film Competition
A TALE OF THREE SISTERS by Emin Alper (TK/DE/NL/GR, Komplizen Film)

Competition Programme – Documentary Film
PALACE FOR THE PEOPLE by Georgi Bogdanov, Boris Missirkov (BU/DE/RO, Filmtank)

Competition Programme – Short Film
BLACK SUN von Arda Çiltepe (DE/TR, HFBK Hamburg)

Competition Programme – Student Film

In Focus
LITTLE JOE by Jessica Hausner (AT/GB/DE, Essential Filmproduktion)
THE WHISTLERS by Corneliu Porumboiu (RU/FR/DE, Komplizen Film)

Kinoscope Real
SEARCHING EVA by Pia Hellenthal (Corso Film)

THE ORPHANAGE by Shahrbanoo Sadat (DK/DE/LU/FR/AF, Adomeit Film)
SYNONYMS (SYNONYME) by Nadav Lapid (FR/IL/DE, Komplizen Film)

Children’s Programme
ELEPHANT by Julia Ocker (Studio FILM BILDER)
FLY by Julia Ocker (Studio FILM BILDER)
INVISIBLE SUE by Markus Dietrich (DE/LU, Ostlicht Filmproduktion)

TODAY IS 11TH JUNE 1993 by Clarissa Thieme (DE/BA)
TOURNEUR by Yalda Afsah

House of Shorts Special Screening
HAPPINESS MACHINE by Ana Nedeljkovic, Andrea Schneider, Eni Brandner, Joanna Kozuch, Michelle Kranot, Rebecca Bloecher, Samantha Moore, Susi Jirkuff, Vessela Dantcheva, Elizabeth Hobbs (DE/AT/DK/GB/RS, Fabian&Fred)

Open Air
IT MUST BE HEAVEN by Elia Suleiman (FR/DE/CA/TK, Pallas Film)

BH Film – Documentary Films
TO TELL A GHOST by Chris Piotrowicz, Stefan Ehrhardt (BA/DE)

Special Screenings
SÁTÁNTANGÓ by Béla Tarr (HU/DE/CH, Von Vietinghoff Filmproduktion)

WEREWOLF by Adrian Panek (PL/DE/NL, Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion)

Dealing with the past
BORN IN EVIN by Maryam Zaree (DE/AT, Tondowski Films)
MEETING GORBACHEV by Werner Herzog, André Singer (UK/US/DE, Werner Herzog Filmproduktion)

Number of Films Shown 267 international films from 60 countries at 9 venues

Media Coverage about 850 accredited local, regional and international journalists from 35 countries

Specific Characteristics Recognized by FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) as Competitive Spezialised Feature Film Festival. The jury nominates a short film from the international competition for the European Film Awards.

Evaluation An interesting film festival in terms of cultural aspects, with increasing importance for the relations between East and West. The open-air events (2,500 seats) are among the higlights of the festival. General focus of the Sarajevo Film Festival is on regional production. An important element of the Sarajevo Film Festival is the CineLink market that connects scriptwriters, directors and producers from the region with international professionals. The CineLink, established in cooperation with the Hubert Balls Fund and the International Film Festival Rotterdam, enables professional improvement and presentation of the film projects of the authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia and Montenegro.

Services Sarajevo Film Festival in certain cases does cover the transportation costs.

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