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San Sebastian International Film Festival

Donostia Zinemaldia – Festival de San Sebastián
Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea
Plaza de las Cigarreras 1, 2ª planta
20012 Donostia - San Sebastián
phone +34-943-48 12 12
fax +34-943-48 12 18

Director and Program Director
Mr. José Luis Rebordinos

Contact for German Entries
Mrs. Christine Dollhofer

Year of Foundation 1953

Event Date from 18 September 2020 till 26 September 2020

Event Date

in San Sebastian, Spain

International Competition

Sections Official Selection (about 15 feature length films), New Directors (competition including all sections for best first/second film), Zabaltegi-Tabakalera, Perlak (best films of the year not yet released in Spain), Culinary Zinema (Film and Gastronomy), Classic Retrospective, Made in Spain (films from Spain), Horizontes Latinos (film from Latin America), Zabaltegi Tabakalera (Basque films), International Film Students Meeting

Category Feature, First Feature

Terms of Entry OFFICIAL SELECTION 35 mm or DCP, productions may not be older than one year and be over 60 min. in length, no prior presentation at any other competitive festival and no prior release out of the country of origin; normally the festival only accepts feature-length films. Documentary and short films only by special invitation. World and international premieres will be given priority.

NEW DIRECTORS: new first and second films with more than 60 min.; no prior screening out of the country of origin.

Subtitles English subtitles recommended Spanish subtitles necessary

Format DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital File

Fees 90 €

Attendance Figures 175,000

Participants of the Film Industry about 4.100 professionals

Prizes/Awards Golden Shell (Best Film), Special Jury Prize, Silver Shell (Best Director, Best Actor/Actress), Jury Prize (Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, any other technical or artistic aspect considered appropriate by the Jury), New Director's Award (€ 50,000, divided between the director and the Spanish distributor), Audience Award, Horizontes Award (€ 35,000), Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum Best Project Award, Irizar Basque Film Award (Best basque film), Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Award, TCM Youth Award, Films in Progress Award, Glocal in Progress Award, Ikusmira Berriak Award, Nest Film Students Award, Zinemaldia Start up Challenge Award, RTVE-OTRA Mirda Award, Spanish Cooperation Award

German Films


Official Selection (Competition)
DEATH WILL COME AND SHALL HAVE YOUR EYES by José Luis Torres Leiva (CL/AR/DE, Autentika Films)
PATRICK by Gonçalo Waddington (PT/DE, augenschein Filmproduktion)
PROXIMA by Alice Winocour (FR/DE, Pandora Film)
THE AUDITION (DAS VORSPIEL) by Ina Weisse (DE/FR, Lupa Film, Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion)
Horizontes Latinos
MONOS by Alejandro Landes (CO/AR/NL/DK/SE/DE/UY, Pandora Film)
THE MONEYCHANGER by Federico Veiroj (UY/AR/DE, Pandora Film)
BLUE BOY by Manuel Abramovich (AR/DE)
GIRAFFE by Anna Sofie Hartmann (DE/DK, Komplizen Film)
I WAS AT HOME, BUT… (ICH WAR ZUHAUSE, ABER…) by Angela Schanelec (DE/RS, Nachmittagfilm Angela Schanelec)
NIMIC by Yorgos Lanthimos (DE/GB/US, Rekorder)
THE PROSECUTOR, THE PRESIDENT AND THE SPY by Justin Webster (ES/DE, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion)
Culinary Cinema
TASTE OF PHO by Mariko Bobrik (PL/DE, Rohfilm Productions)
Made in Spain
THE HIDDEN CITY by Victor Moreno (SP/FR/DE, Dirk Manthey Film)
Nest Film Students
TWO SHOTS FIRED by Martín Rejtman (CL/NL/DE, Pandora Films)
SATANTANGO (SATANSTANGO) by Béla Tarr (HU/DE/CH, Von Vietinghoff Filmproduktion)

Number of Films Shown around 190 films in 628 screenings

Media Coverage approx. 1,000 journalists (TV, radio), international reporting in all trade papers

Specific Characteristics Recognized by FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) as Competitive Feature Film Festival (so-called "A-Festival").

Evaluation The most important Spanish festival; very popular within the Spanish film industry and attended by many distributors viewing and buying new films. The film selection is the most "commercially oriented" in Spain, but at the same time presents a wide range of innovative films. The retrospectives are famous for their original choice of subjects. San Sebastián awards the probably highest prize in the world - around $135,000 - to up-and-coming directors and producers. The fair "Sales Office" is an informal market without stands; instead there are video screening possibilities. In general, the festival is a good way to gain access to the South American market.

Services Transport of the print to and from the Festival as well as subtitling costs are at the film producer’s expense.

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