Selected German Film Festivals

dokumentART films & future - European Film Festival

Große Krauthöferstr. 16
17033 Neubrandenburg
phone +49-3 95-5 66 61 09
fax +49-3 95-5 66 66 12

Festival Directors
Anna Bartholdy, Daniela Silvestrin

Year of Foundation 1991

Event Date from 22 November 2021 till 27 November 2021

Event Date

in Neubrandenburg, Szczecin, Germany

International Competition

Sections International Competition, Special Programs, Focus: Eastern Europe, Film School Program

Category Documentary

Terms of Entry innovative documentary films up to 60 min., European production, produced in 2019 or later, German or English subtitles

Genre Documentary Films, Animation, Experimental


Format Digital File

Registration Deadline 31 March 2021

Fees none

Attendance Figures 3,000

Participants of the Film Industry only general audience

Prizes/Awards Latücht-Award (Euro 5,000)
City of Neubrandenburg Award (Euro 2,000)
The Findling Award
Award of the Student Union Greifswald (Euro 1,000)
Audience Award NDR (Euro 1,000)

Number of Films Shown 60-70

Media Coverage mostly German and regional media coverage

Evaluation With its roots in the former East German national documentary film festival, this has developed into an interesting venue in the Eastern part of Germany. This festival favors younger, unknown filmmakers who deal, among other things, with borderline questions on film as a medium and other current issues. Press coverage and audience is mostly limited to Germany and the region itself. Provides a special forum for productions from Eastern Europe.

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