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Cannes Film Festival

Festival de Cannes
5, rue Charlot
75003 Paris
phone +33-1- 53 59 61 00
fax +33-1- 53 59 61 10
email: festival@festival-cannes.fr

5, rue Charlot
75003 Paris
phone +33 1 53 59 61 21
fax +33 1 53 59 61 24
email: cinefondation@festival-cannes.fr

Marche du Film
5, rue Charlot
75003 Paris
phone +33-1-53 59 61 30
fax +33-1-53 59 61 50
email: marketinfo@festival-cannes.fr

Quinzaine des Realisateurs
14, rue Alexandre Parodi
75010 Paris
phone +33-1-44 89 999
fax +33-1-44 89 99 60
email: infos@quinzaine-realisateurs.com

Semaine de la Critique
17, rue des Jeûneurs
75002 Paris
phone +33 1 45 08 14 54
fax +33 1 45 08 14 55
email: contact@semainedelacritique.com

Pierre Lescure

Artistic Directors
Thierry Fremaux (International Competition), Genevieve Pons-Caillox (Un Certain Regard)

Year of Foundation 1946

Event Date from 12 May 2020 till 23 May 2020

in Cannes, France

International Competition

Sections Competition (feature and short films), Out of Competition; Un Certain Regard, Quinzaine des Realisateurs, Semaine de la Critique, Cinefondation (medium-length and short films), Marché du Film

Terms of Entry COMPETITION Feature Films Cinema, Short Films, films may not be older than May 2018; shorts up to 15 min., commercial exploitation only in the country of origin; no participation in international festivals or similar film events, no previous exploitation on Internet
UN CERTAIN REGARD Feature Films Cinema, films may not be older than May 2018; commercial exploitation only in the country of origin; no participation in international festivals or similar film events, no previous exploitation on Internet
QUINZAINE DES REALISATEURS Feature Films Cinema, Short Films, no commercial exploitation in France, no participation in competition festivals or similar film events (exception: market screenings) outside the country of origin, films may not be older than May 2019
SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE Feature Films Cinema, Documentary Films, Short Films, films may not be older than May 2018, no previous participation in international competition festivals or similar important film events outside the country of origin; feature length films and documentary films: no length restriction, only first and second feature film by a director
CINEFONDATION Animated Films, Feature Length Films, Short Films, only films of film schools, productions may not be older than 18 months, up to 60 min.

Subtitles English subtitles necessary French subtitles recommended

Format 35 mm, DCP

Registration Deadline COMPETITION/UN CERTAIN REGARD: 1 March 2019 (short films), 4 March 2019 (feature films)
QUINZAINE DES REALISATEURS: 13 March 2020 (short films), 27 March 2020 (feature films), Early Bird: 31 December 2019
SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE: 11 March 2019 (short and feature films)
CINEFONDATION: 15 February 2019

Fees COMPETITION/UN CERTAIN REGARD DVD/Blu-ray: € 50; Beta (SP or Digital) € 150; 35mm Prints: € 200; DCP: € 300; HDCam/HDCam-SR: € 350-QUINZAINE: €125 (features, Early Bird:€ 95), € 170 (DCP submission, Early Bird: € 130), € 25 (shorts, E

Attendance Figures 23,000 representatives from film institutions: 2,900, artists: 1,550, producers, distributors, film industry: 7,500; cinephiles: 4,600

Participants of the Film Industry MARCHE DU FILM: 12,400 registered participants, 3,820 films on sale, 1,400 screenings.

Prizes/Awards Golden Palm (Best Feature Film), Grand Jury Prize, Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay; Special Jury Prize, Short Film Prize
Golden Camera for Best First Film, Cinefondation Award (First Prize € 15,000, Second Prize € 11,250, Third Prize € 7,500), SACD prize, the Label Europa Cinemas, the Art Cinema Award, FIPRESCI Prize
SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE Nespresso Grand Prix (€15,000), Leica Cine Discovery Prize (€4,000)

German Films


A HIDDEN LIFE by Terrence Malick (US/DE, Studio Babelsberg)
IT MUST BE HEAVEN by Elia Suleiman (FR/DE/CA/TK, Pallas Film)
LITTLE JOE by Jessica Hausner (AT/GB/DE, Essential Filmproduktion)
THE TRAITOR by Marco Bellocchio (IT/FR/BR/DE, Match Factory Productions)
THE WHISTLERS by Corneliu Porumboiu (RU/FR/DE, Komplizen Film)

Un Certain Regard
LIBERTÉ by Albert Serra (FR/DE, Lupa Film)

FAVOURITES by Martin Monk (AT/DE)

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - Feature Films
THE ORPHANAGE by Shahrbanoo Sadat (DK/DE/LU/FR/AF, Adomeit Film)

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - Short and Medium Length Films
TWO SISTERS WHO ARE NOT SISTERS by Beatrice Gibson (GB/DE/CA/FR, KW Museum for Contemporary Art)

Semaine de la Critique - Short Films in Competition
THE TRAP by Nada Riyadh (EG/DE, Inselfilm Produktion)

Number of Films Shown COMPETITION: 19 films
MARCHE DU FILM: 1,400 screenings (920 films)

Media Coverage more than 3,300 national and international journalists from around 75 countries; extensive coverage in all media worldwide, in particular television reports

Specific Characteristics Recognized by FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) as Competitive Feature Film Festival (so-called "A-Festival"). The winner of the short film competition automatically qualifies for the OSCAR competition for the Best Short Film.

Evaluation The most important film festival of the world, and the best known. International distributors scramble to get the prize-winning films and pay extremely high sums for these. The official section Cinéfondation presents short films from film students all over the world. The first long feature film of the director who receives the first prize, will automatically be presented at the International Film Festival in Cannes. The independent side-bars Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and Semaine de la Critique also contribute to both the fame and the quality of the festival program.

Services The French subtitling expenses are the responsibility of the producer.
Moreover, all films with dialogues in a language different from English or French will be electronically subtitled in English. The screening of those subtitles will be operated by the Festival service provider.

Cannes Résidence: The Festival offers young filmmakers who are working on their first or second film and who have made short films before the opportunity to stay at the residence of the Cinéfondation in Paris for half a year. For further information on the terms and conditions and further details http://www.festival-cannes.com/en/cinefoundation/theResidence.html

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