Festival Calendar

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
7 Aeropagitou Str.
11742 Athens
phone +30 210 870 60 00
fax +30 210 644 81 43
email: documentary@filmfestival.gr

Artistic Director
Mr. Orestis Andreadakis

Year of Foundation 1999

Event Date from 19 May 2020 till 29 May 2020

Event Date (online)

in Thessaloniki, Greece

Sections International Competition, Virtual Reality, Human Condition, The paper Chase, Human Rights, Memory/History, Everything is Politics, Habitat, Food vs. Food, Music, Cinema, The Artist is Present, From Screen to Screen, Film Forward, Doc for Kids

Terms of Entry Films participating in the Festival’s main program must be recent productions of the past 18 months preceding the festival’s dates and not previously shown or been released in Greece. There is no limit in running time.

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Format 16 mm, 35 mm, BetaSP, DigiBeta, HDCAM

Registration Deadline 30 November 2019

Fees 20€

Attendance Figures 47,000

Prizes/Awards Golden Alexander Award 15.000€, Special Jury Award 5.000€), Best Film Award (3.000€), FIPRESCI Award (Best Documentary, Best Greek Film), Human Values Award, Fischer Audience Award ( 3.000€), Doc on Air Award (2.000€), WFF Greece Award, Greek Film Center Award (VR, Agora Docs in Progress, Greek Program), Amnesty International Award, The Mermaid Award, WIFT GR Award, Greek Association of Film Critics Award

German Films


Number of Films Shown 150 to 170 documentaries

Media Coverage 140 Greek and International Press

Evaluation Organised by the same artistic team as the film festival, the Documentary Festival presents a carefully selected program.

Services the festival is registered by FIAPF and it takes place every year in March. The industry section of the festival organizes work shops, panel-discussions etc.

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