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Raindance Film Festival London

Raindance Film Festival London 2019
United Kingdom
phone TEL +44 (0)20 7930 3412

Festival Producer
David Martinez

Elliot Grove

Programme Coordinator
Malaika Bova

Head of Programme
Suzanne Ballantyne

Year of Foundation 1993

Event Date from 18 September 2019 till 29 September 2019

in London , United Kingdom

Sections Official Selection, Raindance Industry Forum, Raindance Immersive and Interactive Worlds (VR/AR), Raindance Web Fest, Networking & Special events

Category Documentary, Short, Feature, Docu-Fiction

Terms of Entry Feature films: over 45 min.; Short films: under 45 min., English subtitles required; DCP required with BluRay back-up, film completed after 1 January 2018

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Format DCP, Blu-ray

Registration Deadline Early deadline: 26 April 2019, Feature fee: 70 USD, Shorts fee: 33 USD
Regular deadline: 17 May 2019, Feature fee: 92 USD, Shorts fee: 46 USD
Late deadline: 31 May 2019, Feature fee: 132 USD, Shorts fee: 66 USD

Attendance Figures 22,000

Prizes/Awards The Raindance Jury Awards: Best Film, Film of the Festival, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Performance, Best UK Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Discovery Award, Best Short of the Festival, Best UK Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Animation Short, Best Music Video

The Raindance VR and AR Experiences Awards: Best Interactive Narrative VR Experience, Best Mobile Interactive VR Experience, Best Cinematic Narrative VR Experience, Best Documentary VR Experience, Best Music VR Experience, Best Animation VR Experience, Best Branded VR Experience, Best Sensual VR Experience, Best Social Impact VR Experience, Best Sound Design VR Experience, Best Storytelling in VR, Best AR Narrative Experience

Number of Films Shown 80 features and 99 shorts, 31 world premieres, 28 international premieres, 21 European premieres and 81 UK premieres

Media Coverage 121 registered press people from local, regional, national and international media outlets (print, online, radio and TV); also in trade magazines; over 250 pieces of press coverage

Evaluation Since 1993 Raindance is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent film around the world and showcases the boldest and freshest content from British and international filmmakers. Industy and the public attend cutting-edge panels, talks and workshops. The Raindance Industry Forum presented six days of industry-focused events. The festival is based in the heart of London’s buzzing West End film district. Recipients of the festival’s qualifying awards (Best Animation Short/Best Documentary Short/Short of the Festival) will be eligible for consideration in the Animated Short Film/Documentary Short Film/Live Action Short Film category of the Academy Awards®.

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