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Montreal Festival of New Cinema

Montreal Festival of New Cinema
3805, Blvd. Saint-Laurent

QC H2W 1X9 Montreal
phone +1-514 2 82 00 04
fax +1-514 28 26 664
email: info@nouveaucinema.ca

Mr. Nicolas Girard Deltruc

Programming Director
Mr. Claude Chamberlan

Year of Foundation 1971

Event Date from 03 October 2018 till 14 October 2018

in Montreal, Canada

Sections FNC Explore, International Competition, Focus Quebec/Canada, Temps Ø, Les Nouveaux Alchimistes, Pan-Canadian Student Film Meeting, P'tits Loups

Terms of Entry short film under 52 minutes, feauture film over 52 minutes; works produced after 1st January 2016; no previous screening in Montreal (for short films, interactive works, and performances) and/or Quebec (for feature films)

Subtitles English subtitles necessary French subtitles recommended

Format 16 mm, 35 mm, Beta SP PAL, DVD PAL

Registration Deadline 15 June 2017

Fees Shorts, interactive works, performances: 15 March - 30 April: USD35, 1 May - 31 May: UDS40, 1 June - 15 June: USD50; Feature Films: 15 March - 30 April: USD40, 1 May - 31 May: USD45, 1 June - 15 June: USD55

Attendance Figures 100,000

Participants of the Film Industry 1.500 participants of the industry, largely Canadian distributors and producers

Prizes/Awards International Competition (feature film): Louve D'Or - Best Feature Prize ($ 15.000), Prix D' Interpretation (best actor/actress), Prix De L'Innovation Daniel Langlois (outstandingly daring aesthetics, creative use of new technologies, and/or groundbreaking treatment of a sensitive matter); International Competition (short film):Loup Argenté; Temps: Prix Du Public Temps ($2.000); Les Nouveaux Alchimistes: Prix De L'AQCC - Best feature; Prix Dada (best short); Prix Des Rencontres Pancanadiennes Du Cinéma Étudiant ($1.500); Prix Du P'Tits Loups (Best Short Film)

German Films


International Competition
ALL GOOD (ALLES IST GUT) by Eva Trobisch (TRIMAFILM, Starhaus Filmproduktion, University of Television and Film Munich)
LEMONADE by Ioana Uricaru (RO/CA/DE/SE, 42film)
THE HEIRESSES by Marcelo Martinessi (PY/UY/DE/BR/NO/FR, Pandora Film Produktion)

Focus Québec/Canada
M/M by Drew Lint (CA/DE)

Temps Ø
TOUCH ME NOT by Adina Pintilie (RO/DE/CZ/BG/FR, Rohfilm Productions)

Les Incontournables!
THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT by Lars von Trier (DK/FR/DE/SE, Zentropa Köln)

Les Nouveaux Alchimistes
COMFORT STATIONS by Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy
ESMARK - HUSBY-KLIT BK. by Robert Seidel
FEST by Nikita Diakur

Panorama International
ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE by Raul de la Fuente & Damian Nenow (PL/ES/BE/DE, Wüste Film, Animationsfabrik)
RAFIKI by Wanuri Kahiu (ZA/KE/FR/LB/NO/NL/DE, Razor Film)
STYX by Wolfgang Fischer (DE/AT, Schiwago Film)
THE REPORTS ON SARAH AND SALEEM by Muayad Alayan (PS/NL/DE/MX, Manderley Films)

Histoire(s) du Cinéma
BAD BLOOD FOR THE VAMPYR by Lysanne Thibodeau

FNC Explore: VR Competition
KOBOLD by Max Sacker & Ioulia Isserlis (AnotherWorld VR)
ROOMS by Christian Zipfel (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF)

Number of Films Shown over 300 works from about 40 countries

Media Coverage wide coverage in all national print and electronic media, about 200 journalists

Specific Characteristics The winner of the short film competition automatically qualifies for the OSCAR competition for the Best Short Film.

Evaluation The festival sees itself as a "contrasting event" to commercially oriented festivals and calls for innovative contributions, particularly from the field of the "new media". It is the city's oldest festival. The festival showcase around 200 independent foreign productions and presents a choice selection of 25 international feature films in the competitive feature section. The festival's uniqueness lies in it being a prime platform for new media productions in the widest sense. Focus on experimental and innovative/artistic independent productions.

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