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Jerusalem International Film Festival

Jerusalem International Film Festival Jerusalem Cinemateque and Film Archive
11 Hebron Road
POB 8561
91083 Jerusalem
phone ++ 972 2 565 4333
fax ++ 972 2 565 4334
email: festival@jer-cin.org.il

Festival Director
Mrs. Noa Regev

Programming Director
Mr. Elad Samorzik

Year of Foundation 1984

Event Date from 25 July 2019 till 04 August 2019

in Jerusalem, Israel

Sections Best of International Cinema; Israeli Cinema; Documentaries; Animation; Jewish Themes; Human Rights; Retrospectives; Avant Garde; Restorations; Television; Special Tributes and Classics

Terms of Entry no prior screening in Israel, online screeners only.

Genre Culture, Religion

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Format DCP, HD

Registration Deadline 01 May 2019

Fees 30 EUR

Attendance Figures 70,000

Participants of the Film Industry approx. 150 producers, distributors, festival scouts and journalists from Israel and abroad

Prizes/Awards The Haggiag Family Awards for Israli Cinema (Best Full-length Feature, Best Actor/Actress, Best Editing, Best Music), The Van Leer Group Foundation Awards (Best Documentary, Best Director of a Documentary, Best Cinematography in Full-length Feature, Best Student Short Narrative, Documentary, and Animation Film), The Pirchi Family Award (Best First Israeli Feature Film, Best Script in Full-length Israeli Feature), The Jewish Experience Awards Courtesy of Michaela and Leon Constantiner (The Lia Award in Honor of Jerusalem Cinematheque founder Lia van Leer, for films dealing with Jewish Heritage; The Avner Shalev–Yad Vashem Chairman’s Award for Artistic Achievement in Holocaust-related Films), In the Spirit of Freedom Awards in Memory of Wim van Leer (The Cummings Award for Best Feature Film, The Ostrovsky Award for Best Documentary Film), The Israeli Video Art and Experimental Cinema Awards (First Prize in Memory of Murray L. Galinson, Second Prize on Behalf of the Ostrovsky Family Fund), The Jerusalem Pitch Point Awards (Van Leer Group Foundation Award, The Water Barendrecht - Lia Van Leer, YAPIMLAB Award, IFP- Brooklyn Award, Digital District Work-in-Progress Award, Paris, The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund Award- Work-in Progress), The Wim van Leer Award for High-School Students (Courtesy of the Third Ear), The Alex Bernstein Production Award for Outstanding Film Students

German Films


International Competition
ÁGA by Milko Lazarov (BG/DE/FR, 42film)
TOUCH ME NOT by Adina Pintilie (RO/DE/CZ/BG/FR, Rohfilm Productions)

Documentary Competition

ISLE OF DOGS (ISLE OF DOGS - ATARIS REISE) by Wes Anderson (US/DE, Babelsberg Film)

3/4 by Ilian Metev (DE/BG, Sutor Kolonko)
LEMONADE by Ioana Uricaru (RO/CA/DE/SE, 42film)
OBLIVION VERSES by Alireza Khatami (FR/DE/NL/CL, Endorphine Production)
UNTIL THE BIRDS RETURN by Karim Moussaoui (FR/DZ/DE, NiKo Film)

In the Spirit of Freedom
HAPPY AS LAZARO by Alice Rohrwacher (IT/DE/FR/CH, Pola Pandora)
STYX by Wolfgang Fischer (DE/AT, Schiwago Film)
THE CLEANERS by Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck (DE/BR, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion)
THEATRE OF WAR by Lola Arias (AG/ES/DE, Sutor Kolonko)
WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY by Iram Haq (NO/DE/SE, Rohfilm Factory)

The Jewish Experience

DONBASS by Sergei Loznitsa (DE/UA/FR/RO/NL, Ma.ja.de. Fiction)
IN MY ROOM by Ulrich Köhler (DE/IT, Pandora Filmproduktion, Komplizen Film)
MADEMOISELLE PARADIS (LICHT) by Barbara Albert (AT/DE, LOOKS Filmproduktionen)

Christian Petzold Tribute
PHOENIX by Christian Petzold (Schramm Film Koerner & Weber)
THE STATE I AM IN (DIE INNERE SICHERHEIT) by Christian Petzold (Schramm Film Koerner & Weber)
TRANSIT by Christian Petzold (DE/FR, Schramm Film Koerner & Weber)
YELLA by Christian Petzold (Schramm Film Koerner & Weber)

Chantal Akerman Farewell
NEWS FROM HOME (BRIEFE VON ZU HAUS) by Chantal Akerman (FR/BE/DE, 1977)

THE TRIAL by Maria Augusta Ramos (BR/DE/NL)
VICTORY DAY by Sergei Loznitsa (Imperativ Film)

JFF Classics
MY 20TH CENTURY (MEIN 20. JAHRHUNDERT) by Ildikó Enyedi (HU/DE, Friedländer Filmproduktion)
THE ANCIENT LAW (DAS ALTE GESETZ) by Ewald André Dupont (Comedia-Film)

International Shorts
UGLY by Nikita Diakur
WANNABE by Jannis Lenz (AT/DE)
WATU WOTE - ALL OF US by Katja Benrath (Hamburg Media School)

Prizes for German films 2015

The Cummings Award for Best Feature Film for THREE WINDOWS AND A HANGING

Number of Films Shown over 200 films

Media Coverage big media event in Israel; national media coverage in the print and TV

Evaluation The aspect "religion" is a decisive criterion of the program selection which reflects at the same time the most important tendencies of international arthouse cinema and both social and historic issues. The festival plays an important role in the cultural life of Israel and attracts a large and very interested audience, which is open to discuss also sensitive subject matters. Attractive cash prizes as well as friendly and casual atmosphere facilitate intense contacts with the attending journalists and industry people. Some of the foreign films presented are bought by Israeli distributors.

In 2014, Noa Regev become the new director of the festival after several troubled years at the festival. Also the festival team changed and the festival re-start with the intention to organize a world-class event. These plans were affected by the difficult securtiy situation in 2014. In 2015, the festival was well attended by international industry guests moderatly attended by regular audience.

Services The festival will arrange transportation of participating films to and from Jerusalem.

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