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IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
Frederiksplein 52
1017 XN Amsterdam
phone +31-20-6 27 33 29
fax +31-20-6 38 53 88
email: info@idfa.nl

Ms. Ally Derks

Contact for German Entries
Mr Raul Niño Zambrano


Year of Foundation 1988

Event Date from 20 November 2019 till 01 December 2019

in Amsterdam, Netherlands

International Competition

Sections Competition Sections

Competition for Feature-Length Documentary, First Appearance, Competition for Mid-Length Documentary, Competition for Short Documentary, Competition for Student Documentary, DocLab Competition & IDFA DocLab New Media Program, Competition for Kids & Docs, Competition for Dutch Documentary

Non-competitive Sections
Best of Fests, Masters, Frontlight, Luminous, Paradocs, IDFA on Stage.

Terms of Entry Requirements competitions:
- Competition for Feature-Length Documentary*
For films up to 70 minutes.
- Competition for Mid-Length Documentary*
For films between 40 and 70 minutes.
- Competition for Short Documentary
For films up to 40 minutes.
Only European, international or world premieres are accepted.
- Competition for Student Documentary
Open to documentary graduation projects of a film school/university.
Open to documentaries of any length.
Screening or broadcasting in the Netherlands prior to the festival will not exclude the film, but priority will be given to premieres.
- Competition for First Appearance*
For films up to 70 minutes.
First feature-length films made after film school are eligible for the Competition for First Appearance.
- Competition for Kids & Docs
Open to films made for children up to 13 years of age.
Screening or TV broadcast in the Netherlands prior to the festival makes the submission ineligible. Priority is given to European premieres.
- DocLab Competition & DocLab New Media Program
Program for new media and transmedia documentaries
- Best of Fests, Masters, Frontlight, Luminous
Open to films of any length, no screening or TV broadcast in the Netherlands prior to the festival. Films that are available online or have been released via streaming, home video or any other public platform are not eligible.
- Paradocs
Program for experimental documentaries and documentary experiments.
Open to films of any length, as well as video installations and other media, may have been presented or broadcast in the Netherlands prior to the festival, priority is given to premieres
- IDFA On Stage: Open to projects that combine documentary film elements with music, theatre, dance, new media, etc. (e.g. Live Cinema projects, Experiential Cinema projects, Immersive Theater).
- Competition for Dutch Documentary
Open to Dutch productions longer than 40 minutes. Only world premieres can be accpeted.

*Only European, international or world premieres are accepted. IDFA allows a maximum of two festival/market screenings prior to IDFA. Market screenings within Europe require authorization from the Festival. National theatrical release or television broadcast is permitted. Films that have been broadcast or streamed on the Internet, or released internationally via any home video or other public distribution platform (Blu-ray, DVD, streaming, video on demand, etc.) are not eligible.

Subtitles English subtitles recommended

Format DCP 2K, DCP 4K

Registration Deadline May 1, 2019 for documentaries completed between August 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019.
August 1, 2019 for documentaries completed after April 2019.

Fees €50 (excl. VAT)

Attendance Figures 280,000

Participants of the Film Industry around 3,000 guests from more than 50 countries

Prizes/Awards The IDFA award structure is being further developed in 2019.

German Films


IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary
THE HIDDEN CITY by Victor Moreno (SP/FR/DE, Dirk Manthey Film)
LOS REYES by Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff (CL/DE, Dirk Manthey Film)

IDFA Competition for First Appearance
CLOSING TIME by Nicole Vögele (CH/DE, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg)

IDFA Competition for Short Documentary
DOROCHKA by Olga Delane (Doppelplusultra)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI by Leyli Gafarova (AZ/DE, Veit Helmer Filmproduktion)

IDFA Competition for Student Documentary
IN SEARCH… by Beryl Magoko (Academy of Media Arts Cologne)   
LA BESTIA – TRAIN OF THE UNKNOWNS by Manuel Inacker (Academy for Film and Television "Konrad Wolf")

IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs
199 LITTLE HEROES by Sigrid Klausmann (Gemini Film & Library, Schneegans Productions)
CROWLEY – COWBOY UP by André Hörmann (Telekult Film- und Medienproduktion)

THE PATRIOT by Katja Fedulova (Tondowski Films)

LOST REACTOR by Alexandra Westmeier (LINGER ON Filmproduction)
UNDERDOWN by Sarah Kaskas (LB/QA/DE, pong film)

Best of Fests
#FEMALE PLEASURE by Barbara Miller (CH/DE)
CHRIS THE SWISS by Anja Kofmel (CH/HR/DE/FI, ma.ja.de. Filmproduktion)
ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS by Gabrielle Brady (DE/UK/AU, Chromosom Film)
IT’S ALL GOOD by Tuki Jencquel (VE/DE, Orinokia Filmproduktion)
THE RAFT (DAS FLOSS) by Marcus Lindeen (SE/DK/DE/US, Sutor Kolonko)
THEATRE OF WAR by Lola Arias (AR/ES/DE, Sutor Kolonko)
TOUCH ME NOT by Adina Pintilie (RO/DE/CZ/BG/FR, Rohfilm Productions).

AQUARELA by Victor Kossakowsky (DE/GB/DK)
CENTRAL AIRPORT THF by Karim Ainouz (DE/FR/BR, Lupa Film)
THE TRIAL by Maria Ramos (BR/DE/NL, Autentika Films)
VICTORY DAY by Sergei Loznitsa (Imperativ Film)

NEWS FROM HOME by Chantal Akerman (FR/BE/DE)

BACKYARD by Khaled Abdulwahed (pong film)
EXTINCTION by Salomé Lamas (PT/DE, Mengamuk Films,

IDFA School Program
OVER THE LIMIT by Marta Prus (PL/DE/FI, Ventana Film- und Fernsehproduktion)
WATANI MY HOMELAND by Marcel Mettelsiefen (Marcel Mettelsiefen Films)

DocLab Humanoid Cookbook
EARN A LIVING by Yuval Orr, Malika Zouhali-Worrall (FR/DE/NL/US)
EYE OF THE DREAM by David O’Reilly (JP/DE)
LEAKED RECIPES by Gabriela Ivens

Number of Films Shown over 300 films

Media Coverage approxim. 265 international and national journalists from all kinds of media

Evaluation Alongside Hot Docs (the most important doc film festival for North America), IDFA is considered the most important documentary festival worldwide and in terms of visitors IDFA is the largest festival in the world. Like Rotterdam, it is a huge event for a general audience as well as for representatives of the film industry. The festival is highly appreciated for its program selection as well as for the opportunity to enhance personal contacts among documentary filmmakers and producers. The selective project market "Forum" is an internationally known opportunity to pitch projects and to find coproduction partners on an international level. It is attended by high-ranking commissioning editors from across the world. Docs for Sale, the documentary market for buyers and sellers, takes place during IDFA and also attracts a large group of international documentary professionals.

Services All postal/shipping expenses to the festival are to be paid by the entrants, IDFA will pay for the return. All other expenses incurred, such as insurance etc. lie in the responsibility of the participants.

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