Festival Calendar

Genrenale - Festival of German Genre Films

c/o Paul Andexel
Sickingenstr. 7
10553 Berlin

Festival Directors
Paul Andexel, Krystof Zlatnik

Year of Foundation 2013

Event Date from 01 May 2019 till 05 May 2019

in Berlin, Germany

Sections Short Films, Midlength Films, Features, Genre Pitch, Genre Panel, Talent Pool

Category Short, Feature

Terms of Entry genre films from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, all lengths, completed in 2016/2017/2018, German or English subtitles, German premieres preferred, no previous release in Germany (theatrical, DVD/Bluray, TV, VOD)

Genre Action, Adventure, Crime Drama, Fantasy, Film Noir, Horror, Mystery, Psycho Thriller, Science Fiction, Splatter, Thriller, Western

Subtitles English subtitles recommended German subtitles necessary

Format DCP

Registration Deadline 31 December 2018

Attendance Figures 3,000

Participants of the Film Industry producers, directors, distributors, buyers, commissioning editors

Prizes/Awards Best Film
The Boll Award
Anti Mainstream Award
WTF Award
Killer Performance Awards (Male and Female)
Pitch Award

Number of Films Shown 40

Media Coverage TV, radio, national trades and magazines as well as regional and special interest media

Evaluation This small but fast-growing event offers a unique platform to the best genre films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The film screenings are complemented by pitching sessions, panel discussions and talent presentations. It's highly regarded by audiences as well as by many representatives from the German and international film industry.

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