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Fantasy Film Festival, Berlin/Hamburg/Cologne/Frankfurt/Nuremberg/Munich/Stuttgart/Leipzig

Fantasy Filmfest c/o Rosebud Entertainment Veranstaltungs- und Medien GmbH
Keithstr. 2-4
10787 Berlin
phone +49-30-8 61 45 32
fax +49-30-8 61 45 39
email: info@fantasyfilmfest.com

Festival Director
Rainer Stefan

Artur Brzozowski

Year of Foundation 1987

Event Date from 04 September 2019 till 29 September 2019

in Berlin, Hamburg, etc., Germany

Sections International Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy/Fairy Tales, Action

Category Feature, Short

Terms of Entry German premiere, productions may not be older than two years

Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

Subtitles English subtitles recommended German subtitles recommended

Format DCP, HD QuickTime, HDCAM

Registration Deadline 24 June 2019

Fees none

Attendance Figures 100,000

Participants of the Film Industry strong interest of distributors and TV buyers

Prizes/Awards Audience Awards:
Fresh Blood Award (Best First or Second Feature)
Best Short Film

Number of Films Shown about 60 feature films, 10 short films

Media Coverage very good coverage in the regional as well national print media; summaries in regional and some of the nationwide TV stations; articles in international trade papers

Evaluation The most important German fantasy film festival. This event tours seven major German cities (Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne) and thus achieves national visitor records of up to 100,000 viewers and is covered nationwide by print and TV media. As this is strictly an audience festival, the organizers do not provide accreditation for representatives from the industry, but the event nevertheless attracts a number of buyers and distributors. Extensive media partnerships and an enormous amount of press attendance make for great publicity.

Event dates 2019:
4-15 September (Berlin)
5-15 September (Frankfurt)
11-21 September (Munich)
12-22 September (Cologne, Stuttgart)
19-29 September (Hamburg, Nuremberg)

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