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Prix Europa

Prix Europa
c/o Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
14046 Berlin
phone +49-30-97 99 31 09 10
fax +49-30-97 99 31 09 19

Susanne Hoffmann

Year of Foundation 1987

Event Date from 10 October 2021 till 15 October 2021

Event Date

in Berlin, Potsdam, Germany

International Competition

Sections TV Fiction (Movies, Mini-Series, Series, Serial), TV Documentary (Documentaries up to 90 min, Documentary Series), TV Current Affairs (journalistic research programs longer than 15 min), TV Iris (programs dealing with ethnical diversity in Europe and contributing to equality, understanding, tolerance), Radio Documentary (single radio documentaries, documentary series), Radio Current Affairs (journalistic research programs), Radio Fiction (single drama programs or episodes from serials), Radio Music (innovative programs about music), Digital Audio Category (creative audio on digital platforms), Online Projects (cross-media, stand-alone, children/youth, service productions, portals, mobile sites, looking for vision, creativity, public responsibility), Prix Geneve Europe (Best Produced TV Drama Scripts by Newcomers)

Category Documentary, TV Movie, Mini-Series

Terms of Entry made in Europe, reflecting a European perspective, broadcast after 1 November 2020, two submissions per category (no restriction for TV Iris), series: one episode only, Radio Documentary/Fiction maximum of 100 minutes for two programs (single program not longer than 60 min), Radio current affairs longer than 15 minutes, Radio Music one submission not longer than 30 min, Digital Audio Category no minimum length, Online Projects launched in 2020/2021 and available between 1 July - 31 October 2021

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Format Digital File

Registration Deadline 01 July 2021

Fees none

Participants of the Film Industry more than 1,000 accredited authors, directors, producers, dramatists, camerapeople, editors, buyers and managers from more than 30 countries

Prizes/Awards TV FICTION
Prix Europa - Best European TV Movie or Mini-Series (Euro 6,000)
Prix Europa - Best European TV Fiction Series or Serial (Euro 6,000)

Prix Europa - Best European TV Documentary (Euro 6,000)
Prix Europa - Best TV Documentary Series of the Year (Euro 6,000)

Prix Europa - Best European TV Current Affairs Program (Euro 6,000)

PRIX EUROPA IRIS - Best Intercultural TV Program (Euro 6,000)

Prix Europa - Best European Radio Investigation (Euro 6,000)

Prix Europa - Best European Radio Fiction (Euro 6,000)
Prix Europa - Best European Radio Fiction Series (Euro 6,000)

Prix Europa - Best European Radio Documentary
Prix Europa - Best European Radio Documentary Series

Prix Europa - Best European Radio Music Program (Euro 6,000)

Best European Digital Audio (Euro 6,000)
Prix Europa - Best European Online Project (Euro 6,000)

Most Innovative TV Fiction Script by a Newcomer (Euro 6,000)

Number of Films Shown ca. 200

Media Coverage news agencies from several European countries, reports in print, online, on teletext, in TV and radio programs

Evaluation Major European TV, radio, and internet competition. An important forum of exchange for media professionals from around 40 European countries, especially from Central and Eastern Europe. Open jury system, e.g. each accredited person may become a member of a jury, if they commit themselves to viewing all entries of that category.
A series of special events, ranging from workshops and seminars to pitching sessions and screenings provides other opportunities for creative dialogue.

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