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FilmFestival Cottbus - Festival of East European Cinema

FilmFestival Cottbus - Festival of East European Cinema
Karl-Marx-Str. 69
03044 Cottbus
phone +49-3 55-43 10 70
fax +49-3 55-4 31 07 20

Artistic Director
Bernd Buder

Year of Foundation 1991

Event Date from 02 November 2021 till 07 November 2021

Event Date

in Cottbus, Germany

International Competition

Sections Competition for first to fifth Feature Films from Eastern Europe, Competition for Short Films, U18 Youth Film Competition, Spectrum, Lusatian FilmShow, Hits, Russkiy Den, Polskie Horyzonty, Specials, Heimat | Domownja | Domizna, Children's Films
Connecting Cottbus: 3-day East-West-co-production market (pitchings/panels)

Category Feature, Short, First Feature, Documentary

Terms of Entry Competitions: DCP only; feature films: over 50 min., short films: up to 30 min.; feature film competition: 1st to 5th film of the director; definition East European films: producer or one of the co-producers and/or the director based in one successor state of the formerly socialist European countries, Finland, Greece or Turkey, German premiere, completed after 1 January 2020

Genre Children & Youth, Comedy, Drama, Documentary Films, Short Films

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Format DCP, Blu-ray, HDCAM

Registration Deadline 15 July 2021

Fees none

Attendance Figures 22,000

Participants of the Film Industry 500 accredited guests (directors, producers, actors, distributors, cinema programmers, representatives of cultural institutes and film clubs)

Main Prize for Best Film (Euro 25,000)
Special Prize for Best Director (Euro 7,500)
Award for an Outstanding Actress (Euro 5,000)
Award for an Outstanding Actor (Euro 5,000)

Main Prize (Euro 2,500)
Special Prize (Euro 1,500)

Prize for Best Youth Film (Euro 3,000)

"From Cottbus to Cinema"-Distribution Support Prize for a Festival Film (Euro 10,000)
Promotion Prize of Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung von Film- und Fernsehrechten GWFF (Euro 4,500)
Audience Award (Euro 3,000)
DIALOGUE Prize for Intercultural Communication (Euro 3,000)
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
Prize for Best Debut Film (Euro 3,000)

Number of Films Shown ca. 200 full length and short films from around 45 countries

Media Coverage leading national and international daily newspapers, film magazines and broadcasting stations; around 130 from 20 countries

Evaluation Cottbus is one of the festivals founded in East-Germany after the end of the GDR. Based on the GDR film movement, the FilmFestival Cottbus has developed into one of the most important crossroads between the East European and the West European feature film industries in all of Europe, and is regarded in Germany the best place to meet up with representatives of Eastern European film. Guests from 30 countries and numerous premieres make Cottbus a major event for many distributors, cinema operators and buyers. Within the framework of the festival "connecting cottbus" was established as a forum of the film industry to encourage contacts and the co-development of projects between East and West. In addition: workshops, roundtable talks, exhibitions, concerts.

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