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Zurich Film Festival

Spoundation Motion Picture Ltd.
Bederstrasse 51
8002 Zurich
phone +41 44 286 60 00
fax +41 44 286 60 01
email: info@zff.com

Artistic Director
Mr. Karl Spoerri

Film Coordinator
Ms. Stefanie Rusterholz

Year of Foundation 2005

Event Date from 24 September 2020 till 04 October 2020

Event Date

in Zurich, Switzerland

Sections Competition sections: International Feature Film, International Documentary Film Competition, Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria (Feature Films and Documentary Films).
Out of Competition: Gala-Premieres (red-carpet premieres of highly anticipated films by well-established filmmakers), New World View (films from a selected guest country); Border Lines (long and short films dealing with border situations, in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières), Special Screenings (unique and highly anticipated films), ZFF for Kids (films for children and families), Window to the World (look at various cinematographic traditions).
Retrospectives: (presenting the work of outstanding filmmakers who are honored at the festival): A Tribute to…, Golden Icon, Career Achievement Award

Terms of Entry Competition: Director's 1st, 2nd or 3rd feature-length films (over 60 min.), productions completed after 01 Oct. 2019, minimum status requirement: Swiss premiere at ZFF, international premieres preferred.
Out of Competition: Films must be at least 60 minutes long (except TV pilots), projects projects must be completed after 1 October 2019, minimum status requirement: Swiss premiere.
Submission fee

Early Bird until March 31, 2020: $ 55*
From April 1 until June 30, 2020: $ 80*

via FilmFreeway:

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Format DCP

Registration Deadline 30 June 2020

Fees Early Bird (until 31 March 2020): 50 €, Regular Entry (from 1 April 2020 until 30 June 2020): 75 €

Attendance Figures 117,000

Participants of the Film Industry more than 800 in 2017

Prizes/Awards The Golden Eye endowed with a CHF 25,000 cash prize will be awarded in each of the two categories International Feature Film Competition and International Documentary Film Competition by two separate juries. The Golden Eye endowed with a CHF 20,000 cash prize will be awarded in the competition category Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria by a separate jury. Winning films with Swiss distribution further profit from P&A contribution for a theatrical release in Switzerland.

Furthermore, the public audience will choose its favorite film from all of the competition entries and the winner will receive the Audience Award, the Swiss Association of Film Journalists annually presents their Critics’ Choice Award.

German Films


Focus Competition
80.000 SCHNITZEL by Hannah Schweier (Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion)
EXILE (EXIL) by Visar Morina (DE/BE/XK, Komplizen Film)
OECONOMIA by Carmen Losmann (Petrolio Film)
ONE OF THESE DAYS by Bastian Günther (DE/US, Flare Film)
WOOD by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba Sinzinger  (AT/DE/RO, Filmtank)

Gala Premieres
CONTRA by Sönke Wortmann (Constantin Film)
CORTEX by Moritz Bleibtreu (Paloma Entertainment, Port-Au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany)

Special Screenings
BALLAD FOR A PIERCED HEART by Yannis Economides (GR/FR/DE/CY, Sutor Kolonko)
BANDAR BAND by Manijeh Hekmat (IR/DE, KapFilme)
DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE  -  EIN STEUERPARADIES IN DER SCHWEIZ by Luzia Schmid (CH/DE, Bildersturm Filmproduktion)
SLEEP (SCHLAF) by Michael Venus (Junafilm)

New World View: France
PROXIMA by Alice Winocour (FR/DE, Pandora Film)

Border Lines
ASWANG by Alyx Ayn Arumpac (PH/FR/NO/QA/DE, Razor Film Produktion)
THERE IS NO EVIL (ES GIBT KEIN BÖSES) by Mohammad Rasoulof (DE/CZ/IR, Cosmopol Film)

Window: San Sebástian
THE MOLE AGENT by Maite Alberdi (CL/US/DE/NL/ES, Sutor Kolonko)

ZFF for Kids
VEINS OF THE WORLD (DIE ADERN DER WELT) by Byambasuren Davaa (DE/MN, Basis Berlin Filmproduktion)
DRAGON RIDER (DRACHENREITER) by Tomer Eshed (DE/BE, Constantin Film)

DER RICHTER UND SEIN HENKER by Maximilian Schell (DE/IT, MFG-Film)
THE VISIT (DER BESUCH) by Bernhard Wicki (IT/FR/DE/US, Deutsche Fox)

Number of Films Shown 172 films

Media Coverage More then 650 national and international media representatives, over 3000 articles in the German/Swiss press.

Evaluation In its short history, the festival has managed to establish itself as an annual highlight for the Zurich audience and the international festival calendar. International films are well received and the presence of well-known international filmmakers enlarges the festival’s attraction for the media.

Services Other core events during the Zurich Film Festival are:
_ZURICH MASTER CLASS (http://www.zurichmasterclass.org)
_ZURICH SUMMIT (http://zurichsummit.com)

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