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Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

Jihlavský spolek amatérských filmařů / JSAF, o.s.
Vodičkova 36
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
email: info@dokument-festival.cz

Member of Doc Alliance

Czech Republic

Program Director/Contact for German Entries
Mr. Petr Kubia (Programming Director) Ms. Andrea Slovakova (Experimental Films Programmer)

Mr. Marek Hovorka

Year of Foundation 1997

Event Date from 27 October 2020 till 01 November 2020

Event Date

in Jihlava, Czech Republic

Sections Competitive:
Opus Bonum (Contemporary World Documentary Competition); Between the Seas (Newest Documentary Filmmaking of Central and European Countries Competition); Czech Joy (Czech Documentaries of the Past Year Competition); First Lights (Best documentary debuts); Fascinations (Experimental Documentary Film Competition); Exprmntl.cz (Survey of the latest Czech experimental films); Short Joy (Best short documentary films); Testimonies on Politics; Knowledge and Nature (thematic competition sections);

Special Event; Doc.Alliance selection (Selection of the Partnership of European festivals); Day for Audiovisual Heritage (Celebrating the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage declared by UNESCO); Doc.fi (Doc-fi expresses the conviction that the boundary between documentary and fiction is porous); Reality.tv (Opens viewers‘ eyes to new television formats); Translucent Beings (Retrospective Profiles of Unique Personalities for World Documentary);

Category Documentary, Short

Terms of Entry Completed and signed Entry Form; Year of Production must be October 2018 or later

Subtitles English subtitles necessary

Registration Deadline for films produced in 2018: 31 March 2019
for films produced in 2019: 31 May 2019
for rough cuts: 31 July 2019

Submissions for 2020 will open in February 2020

Fees none

Attendance Figures 40,000 5.330 issued accreditations, 350 accredited Czech and foreign journalists

Participants of the Film Industry Over 1.100 Foreign or Czech film professionals attend the event every year.

Prizes/Awards Best World Documentary; Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film; Best Czech Documentary Film; Special Mention; The Best Experimental Documentary; Audience Award; Best Documentary Debut; Best Documentary Short; Cotribution to World Cinema Award; Best Festival Poster; Best films in thematic Testimonies sections

German Films


Opus Bonum Competition
FONJA by Ravo Henintsoa Andrianatoandro, Lovatiana Desire Santatra, Sitraka Hermann Ramanamokatra, Jean Chrisostome Rakotondrabe, Erick Edwin Andrianamelona, Elani Eric Rakotondrasoa, Todisoa Niaina Sylvano Randrialalaina, Sitrakaniaina Raharisoa, Adriano Raharison Nantenaina, Alpha Adrimamy Fenotoky, Lina Zacher (DE/MG)

First Lights Competition
THE BUILDING by Matilda Mester, Tatjana Kononenko (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin GmbH (DFFB))
IN MY SKIN (IN MEINER HAUT) by Anna-Sophia Richard (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)
SET OFF by Mustafa Emin Büyükcoskun (University of Art and Design Karlsruhe)

Between the Seas Student Film Competition
LIFE COULD BE SO BEAUTIFUL by Filip Jacobson, Angelika Herta (DE/PL, Academy of Media Arts Cologne)

Fascinations Competition
BELOW by Björn Speidel
LA NOTTE SALVA by Giuseppe Bocassini (DE/IT)
THE WILDS by Camille Tricaud, Felix Herrmann

A Testimony on Politics
THE CAVE by Feras Fayyad (DK/DE, ma.ja.de. Filmproduktion)
LITTLE GERMANS (KLEINE GERMANEN) by Frank Geiger, Mohammad Farokhmanesh (Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Brave New Work, Little Dream Entertainment)

Studio 89
VISION 2000 by Juraj Herz (DE/CZ)

SEARCHING EVA by Pia Hellenthal (Corso Film)

Translucent Being: Sergey Dvortsevoy
AYKA by Sergey Dvortsevoy (RU/DE/PL/KZ, Pallas Film)
HIGHWAY by Sergey Dvortsevoy (KZ/DE/FR)
TULPAN by Sergey Dvortsevoy (DE/KZ/PL/RU/CH)

Fascinations: Eroticism
AMALGAM – TEXTUR by Werner Nekes
OF SPECIAL MERIT by Hellmuth Costard

Virtual Reality
DAS TOTALE TANZ THEATER 360 by Maya Puig (Interactive Media Foundation)
MIND PALACE von Carl Krause und Dominik Stockhausen (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)
RHIZOMAT VR by Mona el Gammal
ROOMS by Christian Zipfel (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF)

Reality TV

Czech Television Documentaries
MY FATHER THE SPY by Gints Grube, Jaak Kilmi (LV/DE/CZEE, Kick Film)
TICKET TO THE MOON by Veronika Janatková (DE/CZ, Kloos & Co. Medien)

Game Zone
PATH OUT by Georg Hobmeier (Causa Creations)

Number of Films Shown 277

Media Coverage About 150 journalists attend the event. From TV, radio and paper media, starting with local Czech media and ending with correspondents of the Variety, DOX, Cahiers du Cinéma and Screen International.

Evaluation Jihlava IDFF focuses on creative documentaries, films with socially crucial and surprising topics, but also with outstanding aesthetic qualities and progressive author's style.

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