Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will strive to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked general questions regarding the work and services provided by German Films which are impacted by the current global COVID-19 pandemic situation. We will continue to update this page regularly.

Please note: All data is subject to change, errors and omissions excepted (E&OE).


Will GERMAN FILMS QUARTERLY (GFQ) still be published on schedule?
Yes, the next issue of GFQ (2-2020) will be published as planned/on schedule mid-May. 
The following issues will be published as follows: GFQ 3-2020 will be published at the beginning of August and GFQ 4-2020 will be published mid-October.

Where can I watch German films while the cinemas are closed?
We have teamed up with Telescope in the US and Usheru internationally to help you find German content streaming in 22 different territories.

What is the status of the Festival of German Films 2020 in Madrid?
Unfortunately we had to cancel the physical festival this year, but the team of German Films and their partners in Madrid are trying to figure out an alternative way to stream some of the films online. The online screenings would then be available for Spanish audiences only. We will keep you updated here.


When will the Festival de Cannes / Marché du Film be held this year? 
The organizers of the Festival de Cannes intend to postpone this years' festival edition. The Festival de Cannes and Marché du Film will not take place before mid-July. According to the organizers, the postponement might be possible, but there might also be the option to cancel the festival, if the authorities don't give the green light. 

When will the Festival de Cannes announce the official selection of a postponed festival edition?
The announcement of the official selection will take place around one month before the intended postponed festival edition. It will not be announced on 16 April, as originally planned.

Do I need to request a new accreditation for a postponed edition of the Festival de Cannes?
No, according to the organizers, all approved accreditations will remain valid in case of any postponement.

What is the new deadline to request an accreditation for the Festival de Cannes 2020?
The accreditation deadline has been extended by one and a half months according to the organizers. The new deadline will be published on the corresponding website ( soon.

What is the virtual market which will be organized by Marché du Film this year about?
The Marché du Film announced the launch of a virtual market to make the market activities accessible for all potential participants. The dates of the virtual market still have to be announced. In the event that the Festival de Cannes and physical Marché du Film is cancelled, the virtual market will be organized as a stand-alone event. The virtual market will include online market screenings via Cinando and Video Meetings via the Marché du Film app Match&Meet. For more information, visit:

Who has access to the virtual market of the Marché du Film?
Access to the virtual market is given to all Marché badge holders who have already registered. An Online Marché Badge will be available for 185,- EUR, giving access to the virtual market and a one-year subscription to Cinando.


Will the festival selection screening for Karlovy Vary be held this year?
We are in close contact with the program department of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. In any case, the possibility of organizing a physical festival selection screening in a German theater from 15-17 April seems very low. We are currently discussing organizing an online screening for the festival, but we will hold on to the option of organizing physical private screenings, if possible. If you are interested in submitting your film, please check here to find out if your film is eligible and follow the submission instructions.


Will the COVID 19 pandemic affect the Distribution Support scheme of German Films?
No. The Distribution Support scheme will still support foreign distributors releasing a recent German feature film or documentary in the cinema. The next submission deadline is 2 April 2020. All remaining submission deadlines will be maintained as planned. Click here for more information on the submission deadlines.