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In animated flashbacks the anonymous protagonist tells of the brutal everyday life in a Christian orphanage of the 1970s and her personal struggle against the arbitrariness of the nuns and their ruthless authority. 40 years later, when she is to be financially compensated by the authorities, she encounters incomprehension and renewed ruthlessness.

Julia Charakter was born in the Ukraine and grew up in Germany. While studying Literature and Media Science, she started to write short stories and direct short films in documentary and fiction form. She also worked as a print journalist and as an editor for a TV production company. After graduating with a Master of Arts, she began studying Screenwriting at the ifs international film school Cologne. Her short films include JAWOHLSKI UND SCHWARZ (2015, screenplay), RATH SELBST (2016) and MY GRANDMOTHER AND HER INDIAN MILKFUNGUS (2017).
Genre Animation
Category Short, Documentary
Year of Production 2017
Director Julia Charakter
Screenplay Julia Charakter
Cinematography Jonas Eckert
Animation Mick Mahler, Mikko Beste
Producer Christopher Albrodt
Production Company ifs internationale filmschule köln
Length 11 min 8 sec
Format DCP, color, 1:1.85
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals DOK.fest Munich 2017, Landshut 2018, Warsaw 2018

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