Scene from LEBENSADER (photo © Angela Steffen)

A little girl finds the whole world inside a leaf.

Angela Steffen was born in Dannenberg in 1979. From 2001 - 2002 she studied Animation at the Animation School Hamburg, and then at the Institute of Animation at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy, graduating in 2009. During her studies she developed a personal and poetic style culminating in her diploma film Lebensader (2009). Her previous film Wie ich mich traf (2004) won numerous awards in Germany and abroad. Her other films include: Shadow Play (2002, co-director) and Loko Mare (2005).
Genre Art, Animation
Category Short
Year of Production 2009
Director Angela Steffen
Screenplay Angela Steffen
Animation Angela Steffen
Producers Sinje Gebauer, Claudia Krueger
Production Company Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Length 6 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
 no dialogue
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Molodist Kiev 2009, Ottawa 2009, Annecy 2010, Edinburgh 2010, SICAF Seoul 2010, Mill Valley 2010, Encounters Bristol 2010, Planete Doc Warsaw 2011, Animatou Geneva 2012, Animateka Ljubljana 2014, Encounters Bristol 2016
Awards Best Graduate Animation Ottawa 2009, Special Distinction Annecy 2010

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