Benny X

Benny X
Scene from "Benny X"

A mother kidnaps her daughter's favorite pop-star and drags him to her daughter's deathbed.

Florian Baxmeyer was born in 1974. He studied Sociology at the University of Cologne and completed the Film Studies Program at the University of Hamburg. His films include: the shorts Pas de deux (2000), Der Verkaeufer (2000), Benny X (2001), Joker-Zu Fuss (2001), and Die Rote Jacke (2002) which won the Student Academy Award in 2003 and was nominated for the OSCAR for Best Short Film - Live Action 2004, Das Blut der Templer (TV, 2004), Moerderische Elite (TV, 2004), The Three Investigators: The Secret of Skeleton Island (2006), and The Three Investigators in The Secret of Terror Castle (2008).
Category Short
Year of Production 2001
Director Florian Baxmeyer
Screenplay Elke Schuch
Cinematography Dirk Heuer
Corina Dietz
Cast Catrin Striebeck, Ken Duken, Jennifer Masurat
Producer Kai Lichtenauer
Production Company Filmstudium der Universität Hamburg
Length 9 min
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
Festivals Warsaw 2002

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